Lalita Memorial Foundation is operating with a mission to bring positive change in the lives of underprivileged children. The organization is committed to working for the cause and care of unserved children through quality education, food, and healthcare. It envisions a society where children have the opportunity to live healthy, active, and dignified lives.

India currently has over 350 million children in the school-age group, mostly hailing from the low-income category and deprived of basic amenities and childhood. To address this grave issue, Lalita Memorial Foundation is initiating numerous programs on-ground to address children’s basic needs and advocate for their rights. The organization’s mission is to see that every underprivileged child in society gets access to our beneficial programmes.

We are working with the mission to empower children with initiatives on proper education, nutritious food, and healthcare at the grassroots level to include every kid and create an ecosystem where children become the nation’s priority. Our mission is to create an educated and civilized society, where every child is provided with their basic rights, leading to their all-around development.


Children being the future of the nation need to be nurtured and cared for properly. With millions of children deprived of their basic rights in India, the situation is alarming and painful. Thus, to serve underprivileged children with basic facilities like education, food, and healthcare, Lalita Memorial Foundation came into existence. With the mission to help such children come out of their vicious cycle of poverty we, at Lalita Memorial Foundation, are consistently working to bring about sustainable social changes in their lives.

We know by imparting quality education and inculcating moral values in these ill-fated children will bring transformation not only in them but also in society as a whole. Hence our initiatives are planned around this thought to infuse a sense of belonging and compassion in them. We are operating with the mission to build a society where every child gets an opportunity to transform life with proper education, healthy food, and apt care. Basic facilities like food and education are a right of every child and as responsible citizens, we need to ensure it.

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