(Late) Mrs. Lalita Gupta

(Late) Mrs. Lalita Gupta has been the source of inspiration for us. She founded the organization back in the year 2021 with the aim to provide disadvantaged children easy access to basic education and mandatory healthcare. Her grassroots initiatives have brought significant and positive changes in the lives of underprivileged children, their families, and their communities. Before launching the organization, she has been actively involved with various charitable organizations and social causes aimed at alleviating disparity in society.

Rashi Gupta

Rashi Gupta is a seasoned civil society member and authority in participatory practices to empower communities, especially orphaned children. She has been very active in running rehabilitation campaigns for unprivileged children at the Lalita foundation. She has done exceptional work in bringing to the forefront the issues that impact children’s access to basic human rights.

Tarun Gupta

At Lalita Foundation, Tarun’s role is to develop a strong public narrative and garner selfless support for child rights. In the organization, he especially looks at fundraising, media advocacy, and planning and crisis communications. He is responsible for raising funds across corporate and institutions and executing strategic engagement with civil society.

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