Food and Nutrition – Satiating Hunger of Underprivileged Kids

Malnutrition in India is a grave issue that has scarred the lives of millions of children, as India is home to over 47 million undernourished children, as per the Global Nutrition Report.

Malnourishment greatly affects the child’s brain development which causes long-lasting and irreversible damage. To counter this adverse problem in our society we, at Lalita Foundation have initiated a food and nutrition programme for the ill-treated kids of society to make sure that no poor or underprivileged kids go hungry to bed.

We aim to spread joy and happiness among those who need our support. We very well know that eating healthy and nutritious food is essential for a kid’s mental, physical, and cognitive development.

We wish to ensure that no underprivileged kids develop health problems resulting from an inadequate and suboptimal meal and due to unbalanced consumption of macro and micronutrients.

The economically weaker section of society is usually unaware of the health issues caused due to lack of proper diet, moreover many families are unable to afford to feed their kids. Hence, our food and nutrition programme is focused on distributing fresh and nutritious food to needy and hungry children hailing from socio-economically challenging backgrounds.

Our health and nutrition programmes are initiated to restore the health of these kids and to facilitate nutrition in them. We ensure that no child suffers from malnutrition irrespective of their socio-economic background. Let’s come together and pledge to contribute to the building of a healthy nation. So let’s take care of our future generations, but not forget about our own mental health. Turn to the engaging world of online games at icecasino as a stress-relieving escape, creating moments of joy and ensuring a consistently good mood. The immersive experience offers a therapeutic break, allowing you to unwind and recharge, making it an ideal way to navigate the challenges of the day.

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