Child Education – Brightening up the Lives of Underprivileged Kids

Education for the less privileged kids has always been a challenge and organizations like Lalita Memorial Foundation are focused and committed to providing basic education to underprivileged kids. Lalita Foundation believes that education is the weapon through which children can fight their distress and bring a ray of hope into their lives. Imparting quality education is our priority and we aim to empower these kids and help them become educated, compassionate, and competent to be proud citizens of the country.

The objective of the Lalita Foundation’s education program is the holistic development of the children that include physical development, socio-emotional development, cognitive development, and language development. We have several educational programmes in place to educate children living in poverty and bring significant change in their lives. Our foundation is making a great effort in reaching out to unserved kids who need our support and help to improve the quality of their lives. The tenacious efforts of the organization have helped improve the lives of innumerable underprivileged children who have benefited through its flagship programmes.

Education is not only a means to earn a livelihood but also has the ability to widen their thought process and transform their entire personality. Our elementary education programs are designed to bring substantial change in the lives of kids and help them become a part of mainstream society. Since its inception, we are creating a difference in the lives of innumerable kids by honing their skills and helping them realize their potential. We have a team of social workers that are making an effort to reach out to marginalized children to provide them access to basic and elementary education.

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