About Us

Empowering Children with Quality Education and Healthcare Programme

Lalita Memorial Foundation came into existence to serve underprivileged kids who need to be nurtured today for a better tomorrow. The organization is running intending to help children fulfill their dreams. The foundation has come out with several educational, food, and healthcare programmes that will lead to the holistic development of these kids.

Our Inspiration

(Late) Mrs. Lalita Gupta has been the source of inspiration for us. Her heart's deepest desire was to serve the underprivileged children of our society, to be their guiding light, and to uplift them from the shadows of adversity. In her memory, the Foundation is tirelessly working towards creating a brighter, more equitable future for the children who need it most.

Our Team

Tarun Gupta

Rashi Gupta

Aryan Gupta

Eklavya Gupta

What we Do?

Serving the Unserved to Bring Back their Smile

Lalita Foundation is working towards the upliftment of thousands of children through its welfare programmes on education, healthcare, and empowerment across many states of India. Our social welfare programmes are specifically designed for the unprivileged kids that will educate and nurture them and help them grow to be proud citizens.

Child Education

Education is the means through which kids will attain knowledge and skills that will not only make them financially independent but will also make them better human beings and civilized members of society.

Child Nutrition

Securing kids' health and nutrition is vital because a nation's development depends a lot on the younger generation and hence they should be strong and healthy. Proper health and nutrition will not only result...

Child Health & Medical Care

Access to proper healthcare is a challenge, especially in rural India and urban slum areas where healthcare is in a deplorable state having less than 4% of government primary healthcare facilities...


Contribute to Uplift Children

To reach out to a maximum number of underprivileged kids we need your support. Your smallest contribution will play a detrimental role in the survival, growth, and development of underprivileged kids. We request you, please come forward and contribute to this holy cause. Every single rupee donated will transform the lives of needy children. We have changed the lives of several thousand children since 2022.

Recent Events

October 17, 2022

Food distribution in Ghaziabad for poor and needy

In our recent drive to feed hungry people, we camped...

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